Q - Is this just a tour?

A - No. This is very much a play. While you will get a good taste of the market and learn some things about it, this is a theatrical performance.

Q - When should we arrive?

A - This is show that depends very much on timing so we start on time. We can't accomodate late arrivals so we encourage you to meet us at the starting location between 30 and 15 minutes before the scheduled start time so we can check you in.

Q - How do we get there?

A - The show starts in front of Superior Pasta at 905 Christian Street. If you're coming from center city, you can take a bus (Septa 47) on 8th Street to Christian and then walk a little more than a block. The show will end about 4 blocks away. If you're parking, make sure you pay for about 2 hours parking to be safe.

Q - I am driving.. where can I park?

A - The Official Italian Market parking lot is on Carpenter St between 9th & 10th Streets. Parking there is $5 during the day. Additional pay-lots are located at Washington Avenue, between 8th and 9th Streets, and between 9th and 10th Streets. Two-hour street parking is available on 9th Street and neighboring streets.

Q - What can I expect walking/bathroom wise?

A - You will be walking from location to location and all told it will be about 2 miles. Wear comfy walking shoes. There is a bathroom at the beginning and the end of the show.

Q - How long is the show?

A - That depends on how fast the audience walks around and how much time they spend at various locations. However, we anticipate the full runtime to be about 1.5 hours.

Q - Do I need to bring anything?

A - You need nothing but a fun attitude! You will be outside so wear your sunscreen. If it's chilly or there is light rain, bring an appropriate jacket. Please also wear comfortable walking around shoes.

Q - What about rain?

A - Most of this show occurs outside but thankfully, most of the Market is covered. We are a rain/shine show however, in the case of a heavy storm we reserve the right to cancel the show to protect you, our audience and our performers.

Q - Audience Size. You have a minimum and maximum listed. What's that about?

A - The show is designed for an audience size of 8-10 people. More than that and it doesn't feel as intimate and fun. Less than that and it simply isn't as fun. Because of this, we have a minimum audience size of 5 and a maximum of 10. If your show looks like it's about to start with less than 5 people we have a filler list and will try to fill the empty spots that way. If we have no luck (this hasn't happened yet), we may cancel the show and offer to move you to another date or refund your tickets. Don't be discouraged however, we will make every effort to start the show. However, if you 100% want to go on a certain date and you are worried it may not fill up, our best suggestion is to find some friends to come along with you and buy 5 tickets. This show is fun with a group!

Q - What is a preview? Is that the same as a dress rehearsal?

A - In theatre, a company will do some "Preview" shows after their final dress-rehersal. These Preview are the first showings of a piece with an audience. They are used to make sure that things work as intended and are subject to change from show to show as the director and designers tweak things and make fixes. Sometimes, but not commonly, whole scenes are cut. However, once the show opens, it's locked and won't change. Because these may not be the exact show that the audience will see and because they are kind of a 'warm up' to the real thing, they are usually discounted. On the other hand, people pay and come to Previews because they are usually very close to the real thing and they are a bargain.

Q - I have other questions!

A - Feel free to contact us at any time via our email, info@bicyclethiefproductions.com and someone will be in touch with you asap! We want you to be comfortable and have a great time!